The challenge is not to write but to be read.

Laura Bueno

Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe in Cabo San Lucas

Historical novel by Laura Bueno

(Released 2022)

Her private collection is nearly 6000 books

Among her favourite writers are Verne, Orwell, Bradbury, Dickens, Joyce, Wilde, Tolstoi, Stevenson,   Vargas Llosa, Dostoyevski, H.G. Wells and Rulfo.



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Different people, different needs. From middle school students to adults, ALL ABOUT WORDS teaches English and Spanish languages at all levels.

Our services are therefore adapted and tailor made according to your specific needs. From drafting, to public speaking, reading comprehension and English or Spanish classes, either private lessons or in group, students benefit from both. (No more than 12 students grouped within an range of ages).


Supporting students in school projects or essay drafting. 

Providing tools for reading comprehension and critical thinking.

Harkness Method Table discussions.*

Helping parents and students to draft essays in English.

Supporting families in the application process of a new school abroad (North America, United Kingdom or Canada).

Teaching Spanish (private lessons).

Teaching English (private lessons).

Spanish conversation lessons among English speakers (Mexican native speaker).

Starting on January  2021 we will be offering worshops on creative writing and comics.

To register yourself or your son or daughter please send an e-mail to LBA@BTLAW.COM.MX

Services will be quoted depending on your personal needs. Our fees range from 20 USD to 40 USD per hour. Our services are provided in ALLABOUTWORDS library or, at your request, in a different location. Online lessons are also available.


The Harkness method is a learning method  established in 1930 by Edward Harkness at the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, United States. It involves twelve students seated in a large, oval table* to discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environment with a teacher guiding the group. The Harkness method intention was created to develop, among students, the courage to speak, the compassion to listen and the empathy to understand.

¨It is not about being right or wrong as Edward Harkness said, it is a collaborative approach to problem solving and learning.¨

*oval table: As King Arthur´s round table, each member´s opinion is given the same value.

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