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Laura Bueno

Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe in Cabo San Lucas

Historical novel by Laura Bueno

(Released 2022)

Her private collection is nearly 6000 books

Among her favourite writers are Verne, Orwell, Bradbury, Dickens, Joyce, Wilde, Tolstoi, Stevenson,   Vargas Llosa, Dostoyevski, H.G. Wells and Rulfo.



+52    (624) 142 44 35


  Laura G. Bueno is a well known Mexican author. She has currently published 3 books. The first one "WHERE IS THE MONUMENT OF THE ANGEL?" where she explains Mexico´s history of independence. The second one "PIGGY BANK SECRETS" where she tells the story about the Mexican bills and the famous characters represented by them. And her third book "SELKIRK, THE REAL ROBINSON CRUSOE", this time her first novel for adults, which tells the story about the man behind Defoe´s fiction main character, the real Scottish sailor abandoned in a South Pacific island for almos 5 years to be finally rescued by privateers circling the world. This fascinating story about Alexander Selkirk is being released next Autumn 2020 in English and Spanish languages.

Please contact the author for a signed copy or through: 

Laura G. Bueno Avilés


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